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Aiming Higher Quantum Success Co.
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Pam Ragland is an internationally known Thought Shift(TM) expert, speaker, author, & teacher.  Clients describe her as "A Master in focused & fast transformation".  Her passion is revealing the "Masterpiece" she sees in every human, allowing people to freely live their highest purpose & potential. 

Pam walks her talk of empowerment, purpose, balance, freedom, and Masterpiece Families.  As a single mom of four year old Sydnee, and three year old Sawyer, she has transformed her entire life from her previous 80 hour work weeks.  She takes both Sydnee & Sawyer to their own time with mom via Mommy/Me, as well as preschool.  Both her kids have been transformed via her Quantum Thought Shifting(TM) process, and they are like little lights in the room. 

Pam recharges herself by riding her horse Shawn (a Missouri Fox Trotter, for you horse fans) in nature, yoga, and mediating.  She works three days per week (and her goal is to take that down to two, while expanding this work on the planet.)  So, she may sometimes be hard to reach--but she's worth it!    


A brief history...


Pam is a master at helping people transform quickly and effortlessly.  For 22+ years, she has helped people change in various settings.


Pam has led multiple quality departments.  As an executive in a worldwide consulting company she oversaw largescale company transformations in Fortune 100 clients. 


No matter the business challenge, she learned whether or not a change “sticks” always comes down to people & their individual roadblocks.   It doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO of a worldwide company, or a Sotware Engineer trying to get more life balance.  The underlying issues are all the same-- primarily limiting thoughts from childhood.     


 In 2000, she started her own coaching business.  She helped the highly regarded Master Coach Jennifer White create coaching programs, and also had the fortune of being trained by Thomas Leonard (both of whom have since passed away).  Later, she was trained in both the Wavemaker™, and as one of the first Core Dynamics Teachers, by Tom Stone. 


Still, none of it was fast or effortless enough!!  Pam was fond of saying she felt like she was pulling teeth, going into people’s heads and taking the junk out.  She would say “Someday, someone is going to invent a way to just go into your head and wipe out  all the old negative conditioning—without even having to know what the issue is.”  She never dreamt that someone would be HER! 


This vision kept Pam looking for more ways to really help her clients transform quickly & effortlessly.  In November, 2004, she was gifted with a new way to help her clients transform faster than anything on the planet.  Pam has since been using this new method she calls Quantum Thought Shifting™ in a program called “Have Anything:  Manifesting Made Easy™”  to take people to new heights

In addition to her own kids, Pam was the step parent for four kids.  They ranged in age from 8 months to 9 years at the time.  And, she also raised her teenage sister.  So, her parenting advice is well rooted in not only a natural talent for maximizing kid's potential, but tons of experience. 

So back to today...


Pam has been continually improving her ability to efforlessly eliminate self limiting beliefs and roadblocks in herself and her clients, over the past 22+ Years.  Now, she is ready to share some of the groundbreaking secrets and innovations she has discovered with you!        

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