“What If You SUDDENLY Realized Everything You Have Been Told About Personal Development  -- How Much Effort You Should Put Into It, How Long It Should Take, and How Hard It Is To Change -- Was A LIE?

Well, IT IS!  Learn what most of the personal development industry doesn't really want you to know... Then you can truly  


What If There Was a MAGIC PILL that SUDDENLY Eliminated any Future Need for "SELF HELP" or "clearing issues" or "baggage" as you know it today?  No more therapists, drawn out coaching just to be free of past issues, or rehab...   Give us just five minutes and we'll shoot the lid off everything you have ever heard about self help until now.  This groundbreaking discovery of Quantum Thought ShiftingTM is shaking up the personal development world.  

Want to learn the secret to removing ALL your past baggage & those nagging negative or limiting thoughts?  To erasing addictions?   To living your purpose?  To realizing your dreams?   While doing it all quickly (at lightening speed) and effortlessly?  And this applies to any reason you are seeking personal development, improvement, or self growth:  

  • Lack of money... 

  • Past trauma... 

  • Anger... 

  • Addictions of any kind (drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, work, shopping, food, love and relationship... and on and on)...

  • Compulsions (OCD)...

  • Fears...  

  • Impacts of ADHD... 

  • Or just a plain old desire to live your life on purpose, more effortlessly, and with more meaning.   

I will share with you the hidden reasons why it's so hard to change... And the solution I spent 7 years and nearly a million dollars to discover!    

- Pam Ragland, Aiming Higher   


...I definitely feel more focused, and freer ...

"Dear Pam, After Thought ShiftingTM I definitely feel more focused, and freer to do what I came here to do.  Love to you, Jack"

~ Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul series co-author, and Teacher "The Secret" movie

What if I told you no matter how much self help you try, you will never wipe out all your past baggage in this lifetime?  

Because I am the first to measure how much of this stuff actually gets in your way, I can tell you this... 

  • More than 97% of all your thoughts (average) are working against you, keeping you from living your life as the Masterpiece YOU are meant to be!  "Negativity"

  • This amounts to three and a half million negative thoughts in your way 

  • And, they are nearly all (more than  96%) hidden from you in your subconscious...  they create automatic negative habits automatically 

  • So, the negative habits, thoughts, baggage, trauma, and limitations you recognize are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what is actually there

  • These hidden thoughts are literally running  your life--your conscious mind is simply not in charge... YOU ARE NOT IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT OF YOUR LIFE!

  • And, you are running on less than 3% of your total capacity 

  • Worse, because your negative thoughts are physically stored in your body, they must be purged before you can live the awesome life really meant for you!  

  • Since the more than  400 other systems out there today target issues one thought at a time (or even a few), it would literally take thousands of years to eliminate all your past 3.5 million pieces of "negative thought baggage" using any of those systems

These discoveries are the number one reason you can do  programs and self-help forever, yet still have a hard time having your life work effortlessly, exactly as you choose.   Your conscious mind wants one thing, but it is simply not in the driver's seat.  And, getting there will take more than your lifetime, and millions of dollars.  

I Am Making Three Times More Money... And Living My Dream... 

"I had the dream of creating a 'Healing Fountain'.  Within a year of being Quantum Thought ShiftedTM by Pam, I had my manifested my new center!   I have tripled my income.  This year I expect to triple it again.  I was "warned" my my mentor  at the time I should not remove my Negativity so easily. She said it would be "bad" for me (she was threatened.)  Nothing could be  further from the truth--there  is nothing so freeing as removing it ALL.  You won't know what it's like until you do it.  I listened to my inner knowing and joined anyway.  I am so glad I did, it has changed my life!"

The Investment is Totally Worth it...  

"I was also concerned about  spending the money on this program.  The truth is I was spending it over and over again on programs that remove only a fraction of what Pam does with Quantum  Thought ShiftingTM, and are far less effective.  This program should be 100 times more expensive and it would still be a bargain!  In the end, this program has saved me money many times over--plus I've made more money.  The proof is in the pudding, and Pam and her Quantum  Thought ShiftingTM process is the real deal!!  And, the results are PERMANENT."

** Listen Here ** 

 ~ Pamela Hopkins, Virginia Beach, VA


That is, until now... Amazingly, it's now possible to effortlessly wipe your slate clean of all that negative self talk, baggage, emotional trauma, issues, fear,addictions, and just plain old limiting thoughts in just 11 days or less!... and, you can even do it without having to dredge up the past! 

Interested?   Click Here to get the scoop, & learn how to request an application now! Or keep reading...

You were created as a Masterpiece... a true work of art with unlimited potential.  You are meant to live a life of passion and purpose, and do it exactly on your own terms in every way.  Not only that, life ought to be  fun, happy, joyful, and peaceful.  You ought to feel incredible nearly every waking moment.  Is this you?  

What would it mean to you to get rid of the past baggage you' been dragging around, that gets in the way of living life on your terms?  That keeps you from fully realizing your potential?   What if you could speed up the self-help process, so you can move on to really living??

Well, now you CAN...

Take your brakes off!!  

Clinical Depression Gone... 

"I struggled off and on with clinical depression for years.  As soon as Pam Quantum Thought ShiftedTM me, my depression just vanished.  It has been more than year, and it has never returned.  As soon as people are "shifted" they know--this is for real.  Pam really has something here."   

** Listen Here ** 

 ~ Marc Phillips, Portland, Oregon


Find Out The BIG SECRET…The Key to Creating Your Life Exactly As You choose... MANIFESTING Faster and Easier than anywhere else today...

Are you tired of how HARD it is to live life on your terms? To manifest whatever you choose?   Are you fed-up with all the effort most personal development gurus propose?  Affirmations... visualizations... mirror work... CD's... EFT... Hypnosis... Holosync... NLP... Release or Sedona Techniques... machines. Is this all really necessary?  


New Sales...

"My sales are taking off after just 3 months!  Life is good!"  (This client is currently making $30K - $50K per month after 2 years...)
Cindy Logan, Trabuco Canyon, CA 


The great news is, you can completely wipe your slate clean of past baggage (“negative conditioning” or "limiting self-talk")… yet keep all your hard earned wisdom.  In fact, you will gain even greater wisdom--because your intuition will be greatly enhanced, finally becoming a trusted guide you can really count on.

GIVE US 2 WEEKS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!   And just a few months to help you learn how  to use your new power...  WHY DO IT THE HARD WAY???   Have you ever been frustrated by the speed at which real change happens? 

New Money... 

"I manifested my first windfall of money after just 5 weeks.  I hadn't bothered doing my income taxes as I wasn't expecting a large refund.  When I finished them (Canadian), I discovered I am getting $1,557 back!  So, there is some unexpected money I have already created.  Rosemary."

 ~ Rosemary Henna, La Salle, Ontario, Canada


Do you KNOW there are roadblocks & limitations in your way, but understanding--& especially eliminating them--seems to be an endless challenge?  Have you tried AFFIRMATIONS & VISUALIZATIONS, but found them to be full of EFFORT and SLOW?   

Have you ever thought that there MUST be a better & faster way? 

Would you like to experience a life full of EFFORTLESS MANIFESTING? 


Past Rape Trauma Gone... 

"I have done extreme work around the boy who date raped me the summer after high school... traditional therapy & hypnosis... Still, after 30 years, the trauma remained.    

Then I was "Quantum Thought ShiftedTM".  Suddenly I felt peace & compassion for him, & complete forgiveness.  I had a smile on my face and haven't felt so good or free.  I hoped, but didn't imagine, I would ever be completely free from it.  Thank you so much!  This is a gift I never expected from taking this program, & I can't tell you how wonderful it is!  With love & gratefulness for you."

     ~ Name withheld for privacy, So. California, USA


What if you could raise your "vibration" to astronomical levels  causing you to continually expand who you are...  be open to greater and greater possibilities... more and more million dollar ideas and discoveries?...


Sex Addiction Gone...

"Before Thought ShiftingTM I was like a bottomless pit.  I could never get enough sex.  After Pam "shifted" me, I not only am not controlled by my insatiable sex drive.  But, I actually enjoy the sex I have so much more." 

~ Name withheld for privacy, So. California, USA


What if you could actually live your very highest potential  creating  a life of meaning, purpose, and significance?   And, make overflowing amounts of money doing it while you're at it?  

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this program is for you. Learn why roadblocks exist, and why it’s so hard to change them.  Knowledge is power!  Find out the big secret many personal development people don’t want you to know…there is now a program available to ELIMINATE self-limiting beliefs in an average of 11 DAYS!    



I Am No Longer Skeptical...  

"I thought Pam's Quantum Thought ShiftingTM was some kind of faith healing.  Then, on a preview call Pam did an energetic process with the group.  I IMMEDIATELY felt it.  It was like taking Vallium.  The effect continued even after the call was done.  I no longer doubted Pam's gift.  Once I was Shifted, there was no question.  Pam and her ability to change your life is for real!"    

** Listen Here ** 

 ~ Marc Phillips, Portland, Oregon


Interested?   Click Here to get the scoop, & learn how to request an application now! Or keep reading...

Not only client testimonials... but real scientific results!   I have been using the Masterpiece MeasuresTM  I pioneered for over three years now, and for literally thousands of measures.  No one else is doing this work but me, unless they have copied me (which is why I am now certifying people in the measures... I want to be sure when you get your Masterpiece MeasuresTM done, it is consistent around the world!)   

I have definitely learned a lot about which systems are really making a dent in all those negative, limiting, thoughts... and which do not.  The results listed here are real results from my Have AnythingTM program featuring Thought ShiftingTM.

For those of you who follow Wayne Dyer or David Hawkins...   You can even raise your "Consciousness Level" to unheard of levels.  


So, what difference can all this make to your life?   


Benefits of Have Anything™ featuring Thought Shifting™:

  • Be free of negative habits & beliefs that hold you hostage 
  • Immediately set into motion manifesting whatever you choose
  • Finally live your life on purpose (and know what your purpose is!)
  • Live life totally on your own terms “Have Anything™”
  • Experience the freedom and peace you long for
  • Live a life full of pleasure and joy 
  • No longer be a slave to past negative conditioning running your life
  • Along with the obvious benefits... make more money, improve your health, improve your relationships
...and just plain old have a much better, more fulfilled, life that maximizes the true potential you have been  given


Waltz through life effortlessly knowing the right steps for you, being “in the flow”



Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome gone...

& Peace...

"Thank you so much for everything.  Quantum Thought ShiftingTM and the Have AnythingTM program is changing my life so fast & furiously, I can't begin to express the real gratitude I feel.  I so appreciated getting more direction on my life purpose, too.  Life feels like the pieces of a puzzle clicking into place now.  At long last!  Oh-and my post traumatic stress syndrome is gone, too!  Peace!  And everything good to you!  Kim"   

** Listen Here ** 

~ Kimberly Wickham, Margareteville, NY, USA 

WOW.  Is this all really possible?   YES!  

Interested?   Click Here to get the scoop, & learn how to request an application now! Or keep reading...

Who's leading this program?
Pam Ragland didn't grow up "Having Anything".  In fact, just the opposite.  She  was molested as a child, and felt frustrated with a court system that would not even prosecute the man. But, by telling Pam had saved 20 other children he was also molesting (her first known act of real service to people.)   Pam grew up poor--at times her family didn't even have electricity.  

As a teenager, she was abused by her own mother and step father, beaten black and blue from head to toe, and was eventually taken away.  Pam lived out the rest of her teenage years in Foster Homes and with her grandmother.  Later, her mother got involved in the Hell's Angels, so Pam ended up taking away her youngest teenage sister from her mother, raising her single handedly when she was just 21.  

Pam grew up with addictions all around her--her mother, step fathers, grandfather, and later her younger sister (not the one she raised) who was addicted to Meth for 12 years.  To this day her mother is still an addict, having been arrested recently for selling drugs.  And, she had "caretakers" all around her, and learned to be one herself for many years.  Pam's first husband was emotionally and physically abusive, and she came to understand the dynamic that leads to this horribly disempowering situation.  

Pam's next husband left her while she was out of town for business, cleaning out the house of all their belongings and Pam's too, and also cleaning out all her bank accounts.  He left Pam completely broke and wondering how she would pay her house payment (he even got her vacation payout check!), while he hid over $100,000 of money that belonged to her.   Later, Pam became a workaholic, which eventually led to cancer and later on pneumonia that would not respond to antibiotics.  Finally, it was time for a change!   

Today, Pam's life is one many would dream of.  She owns her own business.  The single mom of 2 small kids, Pam gets to spend time with them like many stay-at-home moms. She sends them to private school, paying for it all herself.  Pam chooses her own flexible schedule, working just part-time with a full-time income.  She has a horse and rides him regularly.  She is the first in her family to surpass earning 6 figures.  She is living life on her own terms.  Pam's life is full of passion, potential, and she is totally living on purpose.   She even knows clearly what her purpose is!   And, gratefully, she now gets to use all that traumatic life experience to help people overcome their own challenges.     

Pam is a master at helping people who are ready to grow transform quickly and effortlessly.  For 24+ years, Pam has helped people change in various settings. She led multiple quality departments in corporations.  As an executive in a worldwide consulting company, Pam oversaw large scale company transformations as an organizational turnaround specialist.  Her intention is and always has been to help people change as quickly and effortlessly as possible.    No matter the business challenge, Pam learned whether or not a change “sticks” always comes down to people & their individual roadblocks. 

In 2000, after her second major illness in four years due to being a workaholic, and a husband who had just left her, Pam got a clue that her lifestyle was no longer working.  She started her own coaching business called Aiming Higher.  Pam's training comes from world leaders.  She helped the highly regarded Master Coach Jennifer White create her exclusive and renowned "Work Less, Make More" and corporate coaching programs.  Pam also had the fortune of being mentored by Thomas Leonard (both of whom have since passed away).  Later, she was trained by Tom Stone in both the Wavemaker™, and as one of the first Core Dynamics Teachers. 

Still, it felt like "pulling teeth" to help people change issue by issue.  So, Pam kept looking for a better way to really help her clients transform more quickly & effortlessly.  She surpassed traditional coaching.  In November, 2004, she was gifted with introducing the Thought Shifting™ & Quantum Thought Shifting™ methods to the planet, which offer a brand new & radically transformational form of removing past limitations at the highest levels, and connecting people back to their true power.   Pam likes to say we all came into this world as a Masterpiece,  and little by little we get all covered up.  Pam is like the "paint remover", removing the heavy layers so our true glory can be revealed.   

As a result, she has used this new method to help her clients transform faster than anything else available on the planet today.  Pam now uses Quantum Thought Shifting™ in a program called “Have Anything™”,  to take people to new heights. 

Caretaking/Co-Dependency/Energy Drains... 

"Almost immediately after my Thought ShiftTM I had a huge Caretaking ah-hah moment. Several actually. I am noticing those people I am Caretaking and who are taking my energy as soon as I talk to them. I am just aware of it now. Which is excellent, because I can start to deal with those situations where my energy is being drained immediately."

~ Zurino Ostroman, Kelowna, BC, Canada 


Today, Pam Ragland is an internationally known Thought Shift™ expert, speaker, author, & teacher.  

Pam became an expert in removing & understanding our most stubborn roadblocks, through the gift of divine inspiration, and her own experience.  She has created a "recipe" for transformation she called "Thought ShiftingTM"  Pam didn't "grow up" knowing she had a gift, doing "healing" type work, or even being involved in that world.  Instead, Pam was focused on helping people and the businesses they worked in.  

For years, she has had the intent of helping people more quickly and effortlessly, starting first with transforming Fortune 100 companies.  She has continually refined what she is doing, until she finally discovered she had the gift of Thought Shifting™.  

Pam's powerful gift is combined with her trade secret recipe, which not only removes past negativity, limiting self talk, and self imposed or hidden limitations--but also "reconnects" you (ala Eric Pearl's work) to your original DNA, rebalances your physical body, has specific elements which dramatically help people with addictions (including serious substance addictions), aligns people with their purpose, and also provides people with unheard of and transformational results.  Not only that, your ability to manifest what you really choose gradually increases to astronomical levels.  


You never really knew how powerful you could be, until now...     


Pam is all about living life effortlessly, on her own terms, & helping others do the same.  Clients describe her as “A Master in focused & fast transformation”.  Her passion is revealing the “Masterpiece” she sees in every human, allowing people to freely live their highest purpose & potential. 

Pam is fond of saying you were born as a Masterpiece, and little by little someone threw paint on you, covering up the true glory of who you really are.  Pam's methods are the paint remover, restoring your wonderful original.  So you can truly live the incredible life meant for you at the start... 

She has been continually improving her ability to effortlessly eliminate self limiting beliefs and roadblocks in herself and her clients, over the past almost three decades.   She has spent  nearly a million dollars and more than seven years refining this ability.  Now, you can benefit from all her wisdom, knowledge, inspiration, experience... and, her gift!      

Interested?   Click Here to get the scoop, & learn how to request an application now! Or keep reading...



"Since Thought ShiftingTM I finally have control over my Bulimia for the first time in my life.  After adding nutrition, the effect is even more powerful.  I am finally free." 

~ Name withheld for privacy, USA 


How Does the Have AnythingTM Program  Work? 

Unlike nearly all of what is out there today that can remove any amount of your  negative conditioning "negativity", this program is all done remotely by phone.  You can call in from anywhere in the world.  In fact, Pam has worked with or otherwise assisted people in over 50 countries to date.  

And, unlike other systems out there, all your past negativity and then some will be removed.  Yet, Pam's recipe goes far past just removing negativity to other things which include physical, emotional, and spiritual adjustments and removals.  Quantum Thought ShiftingTM is truly holistic.  

After several foundational program sessions, you will be Thought ShiftedTM.  You don't need to do anything--except drink more water.  No dredging up the past.  No talking it out.  No figuring it out.   Pam simply  wipes your slate clean of past negativity. You get to start over, yet retain the wisdom and positive experiences you have today.  Your just need to learn how to "drive your car"...   

Once you are "shifted", your thoughts will progressively become much more powerful.  You will go from operating on basically less than  3% of your total capacity, to nearly 100% almost over night.  Then--you need to learn this newfound capacity, which just keeps getting stronger even after your program is complete.  

Pam has discovered something new to Personal Development--once you are cleared of those negative thoughts stored in your subconscious, your hidden subconscious thoughts actually clear out as well!  The only thing you are left with is what is supposed to be hidden...the basic habits you need to run your life effectively.   This means every conscious thought you have becomes much more powerful.   This is a new space--you will need to learn how to operate within it.

It is like going from driving one of those Flintstone Pedal Cars to getting a Ferrari.  You would never dream of getting a Ferrari if you didn't know how to drive it.  So, Pam  teaches you how to drive!   This process is now an eleven month program  for Levels one through  four (an optional Level five is available).   Most graduates report they would like it to be longer.   You have never been taught how to use your thoughts to operate at this level.  And, just like driving, it takes practice to not only learn how to drive--but to go fast!    

The result is you are able to be turbo-charged.  Shift your life to unheard of levels.  And, just plain old enjoy life and have fun!  

Pam uses this process she was divinely gifted with to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE ALL past negative roadblocks, in her clients who have participated in this groundbreaking process she calls Quantum Thought Shifting™.  There is absolutely nothing like it on the planet!   Move past personal development to PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.   


Pam has even shifted children and pets!!    

7 things you should know:
  • Why negative roadblocks exist in the first place
  • The three reasons you don't manifest what you choose (you haven't heard these  before!)
  • How to use the Law of Attraction
  • How to stop automatically accepting negativity 
  • How to eliminate any new negativity yourself (after Pam Thought Shifts TM you) 
  • Learn your life purpose in a private session with Pam... and your steps to get there
  • How to capitalize on the power you have been given to create your life exactly as you choose it... to truly Have AnythingTM

If you're content to do things the hard way, this program is not for you.  Would you like to do it effortlessly... ?

Interested?   Click Here to get the scoop, & learn how to request an application now! Or keep reading...

Who is this for?   Anyone who really wants to manifest whatever they choose effortlessly, who wants to live their life on purpose, or who wants to really understand and learn about eliminating whatever is in their own way.   Coaches, consultants, therapists, and doctors--you will also gain greater insight into helping your clients & greater ability to do so.  

When is it?   I work two ways--either with people privately, or as a group. I highly recommend the group option, and it is actually less expensive!   You get the synergy of the group, a buddy/mastermind group, and a structured program.   Privately, you get 1:1 30 minute sessions with me weekly, in addition to access to the group materials.   

The next group starts  

September 22, 2008 ...   

  While I will continue to do the Thought Shifting, this group will be led by my instructors.  

Once the group is full, you may apply to remain on the wait list for the following group. 

There are only 20 10 spots available for this next group.   Due to the hands-on nature of this program, the group size is strictly limited!  

I have 2 0 private slots open currently 

You may submit an application to be on my list for the next group, or to work with me privately.     

This is the new program format. As promised, this program is now four levels, and the group price has gone up.  However, you may now join the levels one at a time ala cart, or join for the entire group.  

Everything takes place by phone.  It doesn't matter where you are in the world, I can help you, and you can participate. You can even listen to group recordings if you miss a call.   

Do I qualify? This program works on application only.  You must submit an application and qualify, to even be considered.   All applications must have a deposit to be considered.   

Once your application is received, my Director of Customer Quality will contact you, typically within 2 business days, to answer any questions you may have.   Assuming you both agree you are a fit, you will be sent to me for an interview.  I have the final say on who joins the program.  

Because of the highly transformational nature of this work, and because an equal part of your success is in your hands (you still need to learn how to drive your Ferrari) it is essential you are  really motivated to do the work, willing to take responsibility, and leave your ego at the door so you can be open to real learning.  If I don't feel you are able to do this, you will not be accepted at this time.  You may, however, reapply in the future; I will tell you what would be needed for you to be accepted.      

Assuming you are accepted after our interview, you will be given start materials for the program.  If for some reason it turns out not to be a good mutual fit after our interview, you will receive your deposit back.   

Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.  

Interested?   Click Here to get the scoop, & learn how to request an application now! Or keep reading...

So, how much is it?   

How much would you expect to pay for a program that does so much?  How much does a lifetime of coaching, therapy, or self help programs cost, anyway?   Not to mention the cost to your life of not accomplishing your purpose, and having to struggle more  than necessary in life.  

Raise the bar.  Expect more from yourself, and you will get  more in return!

You might expect to pay $50,000 or more for such a remarkable program.   (For those of you with addictions, there are many  rehabs out there costing $22,000 and some as high  as $45,000 per month!)  But, I want this program to be accessible to everyone.  So, I have kept the price as reasonable as possible, while still reflecting the value you are getting.  I even allow you to make payments!      

To get an idea of what it would cost to actually eliminate all your negativity using other popular methods, see below.  In fact, most of these methods exceed your life expectancy.  You will never, ever, be able to remove even a small fraction of the negativity you have accumulated in this lifetime!  

With the full program, not only do you receive the full negativity clearing via Quantum Thought ShiftingTM, which no one else on the planet can even do for you, but you also receive the following added benefits: 

  • Private purpose session with me -- learn your purpose and the path to get there, along with your Human Design - $475 value 
  • Universal Reconnection (AKA "Reconnection" with Eric Pearl) -- Get back in sync with the planet which opens up your purpose & intuitive information - $333 value 
  • Access to bi-weekly coaching gyms with me -- private laser sessions to ask questions - $1,108 minimum value (group only)
  • Have AnythingTM program group recordings -- available in MP3 for download to MP3 players or CD - $1,777 value (group only)
  • Have AnythingTM program workbooks -- available for download - $1,377  value 
  • Mastermind groups -- Boost the power of your intentions with like-minded people!  This bonus is priceless.  (group only) 
  • Unlimited e-mail support -- Email me with a question any time and you get first priority response (private clients only)
  • Have AnythingTM Private Client recordings page -- Available in MP3 for download to MP3 players or CD.  Recordings of several past groups to receive as much information as possible on each topic - $3,777 value (private clients only)
  • Have AnythingTM private forum -- Ask questions on any topic which I answer, communicate with other group members (group only) 
  • Have AnythingTM graduates forum -- Communicate with other graduates any time, once you graduate from the program.  Lifetime free access. $4,800+ lifetime value  

All this in addition to the Quantum Thought ShiftingTM, and bi-weekly live program calls.   The bonuses alone are worth over $9,870!! 

(More for private clients!!)  

So, what is the price?   The group option is currently $7,777 $5,555 until Midnight September 18, 2008 to join the entire program at once.   After this group, you will HAVE TO GO THROUGH EACH LEVEL.  This is THE LAST group where you can go directly to Quantum Thought Shifting in the Have Anything Level 4 Group!! 

Complete "shifting" happens at Level 4.  (Eventually, you will be able to do at least Levels 1 & 2 by home study.)  

For the program, you must: 

1- Submit an application (see below)

2- Put down a deposit of to hold your spot (refundable if you are not accepted or opt not to join in your interview)

3- And receive an interview before you are accepted.   

 When you join the entire program, you may elect to make monthly payments for 7 months during the program.  Your deposit is $1,447 $777

Your monthly payments are $982.17  $738.10

I take all major credit cards. 

** This special is good until Midnight Sept. 18, 2008 **  Your deposit MUST be received by that time along with your application to qualify!  

If you are interested in the private option for Quantum Thought Shifting, it is currently $15,555 to work  with me or $11,111 to work with one of my teachers (space  limited, you must be approved first.)   There is no level requirement.  

Private clients receive 24 private sessions, and you can spread them out during intervals you choose.  Most people meet more often at first until Shifted, then spread your meetings out for maximum support.  You receive unlimited email support while working with me privately, and unlimited access to any groups currently in session.    

Interested?   Click Here to get the scoop, & learn how to request an application now!



Remove ALL your negative roadblocks...

fastest method on the planet!

Learn NEW TOOLS to prevent it in the future

Apply for one of the limited spots in our innovative Have Anything(TM) program featuring Quantum Thought Shifting(TM) now! 

Enter Your Full Name
Enter Your Primary Email
Your Home phone
Your Work/daytime phone
Enter Your Country


"Dear Pam, I definitely noticed a shift.  I feel more focused, and freer to do what I came here to do.  Love to you, Jack"  

~ Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup For the Soul series co-author


"I have lost 14 pounds in the past month!"  



"Pam Ragland is the master of focused and fast transformation."    

~ Todd Canedy, CA, USA


"My fears are just like a thing of the past.  It's like I never had them.  Amazing!"    



"Not only am I effortlessly attracting whatever I choose--but I have such peace all the time."