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Pam Ragland -Press Room / Media Page


Media Release


Thought ShiftingTM

Did you know the average adult has more than 3 million negative thoughts rolling around in your head?  Without even knowing it, negativity is clouding who you really are. It is creating things like addictions, eating disorders, obsessions/compulsions (OCD), panic attacks, depression, the effects of trauma, and more.  You came into the world as a masterpiece, and little by little your masterpiece was covered up with limiting beliefs…"paint". Until, by age 18, more than 97% of your thoughts are negative. Wow!

Pam Ragland uses a brand new energy technology to effortlessly erase ALL those 3 million plus limiting thoughts called Thought  ShiftingTM. And she does it in a groundbreaking 2 weeks or less!! Instead of struggling with affirmations, visualizations, therapy, machines, meditations, hypnotherapy, etc. for hours a day or a week, week after week, only to make a small dent in all that negativity--she simply wipes your slate clean!!  

You don't even have to know, identify, or relive the issue.  It's painless.  And, it is all done remotely!   For addictions, think of this as "remote rehab". 

Using Thought ShiftingTM Pam Ragland has achieved groundbreaking results with things such as depression, trauma, PTSD, obsessions, addictions, ADD / ADHD, Autism, and just those nagging negative habits, thougths, and reactions...

Pam Ragland is an internationally known Thought Shift™ expert, speaker, author, & teacher. Her passion is revealing the "Masterpiece" she sees in everyone, allowing people to freely live their highest purpose & potential.

She will show listeners:

  • Why on earth we have more than 3 million negative thoughts in the first place

  • The role parents play in creating (and eliminating) limiting beliefs

  • How our pets get burdened with so much negativity

  • The simple process for getting what we choose

  • How listeners can eliminate more negativity after the interview

  • Why less than 3% of people live their lives "on purpose"

Contact Pam at --   

Pam Office Phone: (949)734-0374
Pam Cell Phone: ** Use office line for emergency appearances--it sends a text **
Email:  Contact Us Here


Have you ever wondered why successful people seem to have a magic wand?  They know how to use their thoughts.  They know & live their purpose!  Do you want to know how to have your own magic wand…and use it successfully? What if you could Have Anything you choose…effortlessly? Pam Ragland is an internationally known Thought Shift™ expert, speaker, author, & teacher. For over 23 years her passion has been revealing the "Masterpiece" she sees in everyone, allowing people to freely live their highest purpose & potential.

Sample Questions

  1. For the most part are our thoughts positive or negative?

  2. Can we get rid of our "baggage" (negative thoughts)?

  3. Do our pets pick up on this bad energy? How does it affect them?

  4. What are the simple processes for getting what we choose?

  5. What are the 3 key points to living a spectacular life?

  6. Why are only 3% of people living their lives on purpose?


Pam Ragland is an internationally known Thought Shift™ expert, speaker, author, & teacher.  For a free audio and more tips on creating a wonderful life, visit www.AskPamRagland.com

"You've talked with thousands of guests but you've never had someone like Pam on your show. UNBELIEVABLE" Wayne Kelly KBS Mornings

Sample radio Interview CLICK HERE


Video & TV interview reels: 

Hear Pam explain her work (video) CLICK HERE

CBS News Interview: CLICK HERE

CBS /KCal LA News Interview #2 (2nd Story): CLICK HERE

More story ideas and Bio:  

Credits - TV, Radio, and Print Media

2005 - Radio - Wayne Kelly, CBS Mornings  -->LISTEN (20 mins)

July 2006 - Radio - WLPO 1220 AM, LaSalle, IL - Don Zukowski   -->LISTEN (10 mins)

Sept. 2006 - Radio - KITZ AM 1400 Seattle, WA & KGTK AM 920 Olympia, WA - The Greg Moore Show  -->LISTEN 1st Hour --> 2nd Hour

Oct. 3, 2006 - TV-Cox Cable TV (3+on demand)- Government Watch, Jim Leach   

Oct. 9, 2006 - Print - Orange County Register - City Council Election --> VIEW

Oct. 11, 2006 - Radio - WFLO FM 95.7/840 AM Richmond, VA - The Elliott Irving Show  -->LISTEN (30 mins)

Oct. 25, 2006 - Radio - KBAR 1230 AM Idaho - The Learning Curve with Mike Haynie  -->LISTEN (10 mins)

Nov. 5, 2006 - Radio - WJEJ 1400 AM Erie, PA - The Magnify Show (addictions topic)  -->LISTEN (30 mins)

Nov. 27, 2006 - Radio - WNOX 100.3 FM Knoxville, TN - The Phil Show  -->LISTEN (15 mins)

Dec. 16, 2006 - Radio - WBMX 98.5 FM Boston, MA - New England Lifestyles  -->LISTEN (30 mins)

Dec. 28, 2006 - Radio - WHTC 1450 AM Holland, MI - Ed Ver Schure Show  -->LISTEN (20 mins)

March 23, 2007 - Radio - WGN 720 AM,   Chicago, IL - Spike O'Dell Friday morning drive time show  (20 mins)

July 23, 2007 - Radio - Contact Talk Radio, Seatte, WA - Manifesting Miracles Show, Christina Marino  --> LISTEN (1 hour)

March 5, 2008 - TV - Cox Cable "The Mix", Orange County, CA - Addiction topic for "The 7 Why's of Addiction" book airs March, April, May 2008 --> Watch  (30 mins.)

 May 6, 2008 - Radio- KSBR AM Radio, Orange County, CA - Addiction topic for "The 7 Why's of Addiction" book (airs 6/23/2008 *Includes Streaming Internet Audio*) --> LISTEN (available after 1st air date) (30 mins.)

May, 2008 - Print & Web- Pregnancy Today (USA) - Quote --> VIEW

June, 2008 - Print- Inventors Digest (USA) - Quote (Video games & addiction in children) --> VIEW

 June, 2008 - Web- Divorce360.com- Several Article Quotes (Addiction, Sex Addiction, Impacting Children in Separation, Cheating Spouses) --> VIEW

June 15, 2008 - Print- Miami Herald (USA) - Work/ life balance --> VIEW

June 15, 2008 - Print- LA Times (USA) - Work/ life balance --> VIEW

June 15, 2008 - Web- WorkLifeBalancingAct.com - Work/ life balance --> VIEW

June 15, 2008 - Web- MomsMiami.com - Work/ life balance --> VIEW

June 15, 2008 - Web- LUBNAA.com - Work/ life balance --> VIEW

June 30, 2008 - Web- MSNBC.com - Managing Negativity with travel --> VIEW

July 20, 2008 - Web- Elliot.org - 7 Essential Skills for Summer Travelers --> VIEW

July 25, 2008 - Web- CNN.com - Managing Negativity with travel --> VIEW

July 30, 2008 - Web- Sun-Sentinel.com (Miami Sun) - Managing Negativity with travel --> VIEW

October 2, 2008 - Radio - Blog Talk Radio-Immediate Influence/Ron Hudson - Thought Shifting + Managing business transformations--> LISTEN

October 8, 2008 - Print- Aliso Laguna News - FREE Ask Pam Calls to Identify Negativity/Roadblocks + Depression Help--> VIEW

March 15, 2009 - Print- Canyon Life News/OC Register - Community involvement --> VIEW

March 25, 2009 - TV - Cox Cable "The Mix", Orange County, CA - Addiction topic for "The 7 Why's of Addiction" book (re-run) --> Watch  (30 mins.)

April 6, 2009 - Print - Orange County Register Front Page + Sports Section Back Page - Community Involvement --> VIEW

June, 2009 - Web - Intel Corporation Connected Digest - How to change a company when the CEO resists (company transformation) --> VIEW 




Feb, 2013 - NATIONAL TV - CBS News / 140 markets nationwide - Alternative Doctor Interview (service interview) --> WATCH HERE

Feb, 2013 - NATIONAL TV - CBS News / KCAL LA - Alternative Doctor Interview (service interview) LOCAL SEGMENT --> (2nd Story): WATCH HERE


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