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Real Scientific Results

For Quantum Thought ShiftingTM

Not only do our clients give us rave reviews...

But we have scientifically tested several key measures and they all show dramatic improvements over anything out there today!  

First, our signature measure that started this program-- total percentage of negativity.   Shockingly, in the average adult 97.4% of their thoughts are negative!!   Our goal should be zero... (but here is where our program excels... no one else on the planet can wipe them all out.  No one.  Period.) 

The average amount of time to wipe out ALL this past negative conditioning plus Karma was less than 6 weeks in this group, which started 3/14/2005. 

The current results are even faster (under two weeks) and more dramatic. 

Not only are these results unlike any program anywhere in the world -- but the results from this group are STILL IMPROVING!!  

Then, we began measuring Consciousness level as described in detail by David Hawkins in Power vs. Force. 

Again, dramatic improvements in a very short period of time.  In fact, they far surpass anything David Hawkins even knows to be possible.  Many people are trying to shift their consciousness today... and we do it.  Quickly & effortlessly. 

The really cool thing about raising your consciousness level so much is at each incremental rise, you will have a positive impact on other people on the planet simply by being YOU!   

 Just as Pam was shocked about the total percentage of negativity most adults have today, she was just as shocked at the total number of negative thoughts.   The average adult has more than three million of them.  Yikes!!

This explains why it's so hard for most people to change their habits.  Using traditional methods to "over write" the neural pathways, it takes at least 26 days to overwrite each of  those three million thoughts.   If you focused on 100 at a time (not easy to do) it would take over 2,000 years to just eliminate all the negativity using traditional methods!  

Again, this is where Quantum Thought Shifting(TM) excels.  We can wipe them out in an average of six weeks!  There is simply nothing like it on  the planet.  


 Then, Pam had the intuitive "hit" to measure frequency.  SheI had no idea what that even was!!!   And she started gettting all these HUGE numbers.   

What she learned is the average adult today is walking around at less than 500,000.... but we should be vibrating at 200 million at least.  WOW... that is a huge difference!!   

Frequency is the average vibration the body is oscillating at.  Basically, what the cells are spinning at (and if you're into mystical stuff, we believe this has a relation to the Chakras.)  What is interesting is regardless of the level, we are actually capable of oscillating at 573 TRILLION according to 21st Century Science & Technology (1989).  Wow... we are soooooo far from rising to the level we could be at.  Well, at least until now.   

Again, Quantum Thought ShiftingTM dramatically shifts your vibrational frequency.   And people continue shifting, at least for a period of time (Pam's not sure how long,she is still following her clients she has shifted to find out.)  Most of her clients have already far surpassed the 200 million mark.  Many are above 500 million, and her own frequency is in the billions and continues to rise.  And people really seem to notice it... they feel physically lighter, & the physical body actually evolves.      

And we have many more measures and results just like this.  There is nothing like this program.   There is simply nothing more transformational, especially in such a short period of time--on the planet, period.    









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